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    Winter tyres from Adamsons

    Prepare for winter with a set of Winter tyres.

    At 7 degrees or lower your car will benefit from winter tyres, the ideal solution to driving between October and March.

    The materials used in the construction of winter tyres maintain flexibility and grip at much lower temperatures than conventional tyres.

    The patterns of the tread are optimised to cope with snow and ice, avoid clogging and aid with the dispersal of water in the lower winter temperatures.

    A set of winter tyres will improve traction, braking and cornering over the usual all weather or summer tyre choices. In many countries it is mandatory to fit winter tyres to your car, in the UK it is up to the driver to choose.

    Keep your car safe and protect yourself and your family by choosing winter tyres

    Give our service team a call on 01304 381300 to arrange a set of winter tyres for your car.